Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Nutty!

Walking around in my yard in the Fall is like a treasure hunt. I love looking for textures to use in my ceramic jewelry.

I was looking at all of the acorns that have fallen from our mighty oak...and realized how beautiful they were. I thought for a few days about how to use them...the caps have a great texture. Finally, on a windy day, it hit me... yes - an acorn hit me. (True story!) I learned 2 things that day.... First - DO NOT stand under an Oak tree on a windy day and second, Mother Nature and I make a great creative team.

I made a mold of the acorn. I created a bunch of little nuts out of red earthenware clay..then glazed them as realistically as possible.

Here is the result:These will be listed today in my Etsy shop. I would love your feedback - tell me what you think!


sheilasart said...

Oh my gosh, these are so adorable! what a creative flow you have going. I love them!


Yolanda M. said...

Lovely story and great little creations, I love the creative process and when the lightbulb finally goes on!

Jessica Sharrah said...

Thank you both!

Anonymous said...

Really cute!!